About Us
Social Stable is a rural social media marketing company launched by Samantha Hobden in 2016, due to the great success of the equestrian social network brand - Haynet.
Samantha Hobden is highly experienced in social media, especially within the equestrian and rural industry. Haynet was launched in 2011 to enable riders to blog about their lives with horses through a social network. This network was immediately loved by equestrian followers and the popularity of the site made Haynet the UK’s No1 Equine Social Blogging Network. Haynet was nominated three years in a row for Best Equestrian Social Network in the Equestrian Social Media Awards being in the top three internationally in 2014. It has also made the Top Ten Best Equestrian Blogs in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 Haynet made the Feedspot Top 25 UK Equestrian Blog and Top 100 Equestrian Blogs. 
Samantha has been working within the customer relations sector for over twenty five years from marketing in a variety of areas from the clothing and hair product industry, the car industry to working within the medical sector with the NHS and MOD. These skills and qualifications have enabled her to extend this to the equestrian industry with marketing through social media being her area of expertise.
Samantha has written for many equestrian and rural based businesses from newsletters, articles to blog posts. She is experienced in appealing to this audience with interesting and knowledgeable articles. Knowing what appeals to customers she can advise clients the best way with initiative ideas in getting their company name, product or service out to an audience that needs it. Social Stable also has experience in promoting rural and equestrian events through social media, making sure the occasion has maximum exposure through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Haynet is also the host of the Country Style and Equestrian Blogger of the Year Awards and the #HorseBloggers channel.
The world of social media is ever changing and we have the knowledge in keeping up with marketing trends and helping our clients through the minefield of social media. We believe is it ever evolving with directions changing all the time. We can guide you through social media and help you raise your profile to the equestrian and countryside clients out there for your rural business!

With a price range to suit all equestrian and rural businesses, this can make the most of your marketing budget. Samantha is also keen to work with rural businesses that are local to her particularly in East Sussex. So come and talk to Social Stable today about raising your company profile in the fast and ever changing world of rural social media.life audience.
Social media is here. It's not going away; it's not a passing fad. So be where your customers are: on social media.